Canadian Storage Systems International (CSSI) / Pre-Engineered Buildings 

CSSI / Pre-Engineered Buildings has been in the manufacturing business for over 35 years, having a solid reputation in quality workmanship. We listen to your requirements and give you what you need. 

We Offer
- Quality Steel Buildings
- 30 Years’ experience in Installs
- Professional Engineering
- Huge range of colours
- 40 year limited Warranty on Roof panels

At CSSI we work with our clients as a team with one goal in mind. A 100% happy client with a quality building delivered on time, every time. We are here to sell you only what you need at a price that fits your budget.
CSSI is committed to excellence in serving all customers.

CSSI offers a standing seam roof that combines an attractive look with the best wind and water resistance available. The patented technology offers considerable benefits to the roof designer, roof installer, contractor and building owner. Assured Weather Resistance, the sealant is protected from severe seam stresses during high wind uplift because of its position within the seam.  The patented panel clip provides even greater air and water resistance, as it doesn’t interfere with the side lap sealant seal. Fool-proof seaming says goodbye to damaged panels from seamers that run off-course.

With this style of roof system, even an inexperienced operator can easily accomplish a good seam. Our seam is larger by design, allowing the seamer to lock onto the seam and stay locked in until the seam is completed.

Unlike other systems on the market, the roof system does not require seaming as each individual panel is being installed. This is because the panel seam is partially formed automatically as the panels are placed, allowing seaming to be accomplished after the entire roof has been installed. The result is a roof that is installed quickly, efficiently and without costly wear and tear caused by excess traffic along the unfinished roof.

Metal roof

Canadian Storage System International (CSSI) buildings components are designed and manufactured under quality standard CAN/CSA-A660 in IAS AC472 accredited facilities. Audits include items such as personal design and engineering, materials control, fabrication and plant quality programs to ensure conformance to approved construction documents and standards referenced in building codes.

Our welding standards are in accordance with CSA Standard W59-03 Welded Steel Construction and American Standard AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code Steel. Our components are certified to a variety of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) standards.

CSSI is an authorized Robertson Building Systems Dealer

CSSI and Pre-Engineered Buildings are
Robertson Building Systems Authorized dealers.



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