Aircraft Hangers

Canadian Storage Systems International have a full line of standard products and the ability to design and manufacture completely custom aircraft hangars.

A hangar is a closed building structure to hold aircraft or spacecraft. Hangars are built of metal, wood, or concrete.

• Helicopter Storage
• Aviation Storage
• Private Planes
• Glider Storage
• Commercial Aircraft
• Military Hangars
• Plane Maintenance Tools and Equipment 

Aircraft Hanger

Hangars are used for protection from the weather, direct sunlight and for maintenance, repair, manufacture, assembly and storage of aircraft. CSSI steel buildings provide durable, quick to construct clear-span aircraft hangar and shade structures; helicopter hangars; ground support equipment and cargo warehouses. To custom design, aircraft hangar manufacture, and install aircraft hangars we have the capacity and experience and shade structures in almost any environment or terrain around the globe and Structures can be designed to be insulated, heated or air conditioned as required by you.

Our steel hangar buildings work well with bi-fold, vertical lift, and bottom rolling hangar doors. We will design and engineer an aircraft-hangar building to work with a door from your preferred manufacturer. We can also facilitate the selection and purchase of a door from one of our preferred door vendors. Our hangar buildings are competitively price and built to last to maximize the return on your investment.



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