Canadian Storage Systems International have a full line of standard products and the ability to design and manufacture completely custom garages

Garage steel building kits can accommodate most of needs you have for constructing a truck garage to a storage shed. They can be fully customized with various metal building features, such as doors, windows, ventilation systems, insulation and more. Built in frames or supply your own doors and windows.
Save time and money by using the CSSI Garage Steel Kits, which can be up and ready much faster than traditional brick All of our metal garage kits are designed to provide enough room to store a car, pick-up truck, boat, RV and trailer.


We provide a superior technological product when it comes to our building kits. CSSI always has client satisfaction in mind. Our Buildings are designed with the very best quality and can withstand severe climatic conditions, including snow, high winds, earthquakes and even hurricanes.



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