Industrial / Commercial Buildings

Canadian Storage Systems International have a full line of standard products and the ability to design and manufacture completely custom industrial/commercial buildings.

Some examples of industrial and commercial use buildings are:
Office buildings; they can be single-tenanted or multi-tenanted and many are build-to-suit. 

Retail buildings include the properties that house restaurants and retailers. 
- 'big box' stores
- shopping malls
- Multifamily buildings

Industrial Buildings
- Warehouses

industrial space
We provide a superior technological product when it comes to our building kits. CSSI always has client satisfaction in mind. Our Buildings are designed with the very best quality and can withstand severe climatic conditions, including snow, high winds, earthquakes and even hurricanes.
• Designed by the best engineering and estimating team in Canada.
• Precision-made, precision-manufactured
• Economically priced
• Designed to our needs
• Easily expandable to any length
• Fire and vermin resistant
• Every building custom created to your needs
• World's most sturdy truss-less building
• Built to handle the harshest climatic conditions.
• Highly versatile, good for nearly any business, industrial, farm, or residential application
• Green, energy economical, environmentally



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